snails eat the plants but I feed the birds so no snail bait


I love my garden, but am a reluctant gardener.  After a nice break of three months when it had started to get dark around 3 PM and nothing grew, I  am limbering up for gardening again.

Today I am recovering from a two-hour burst of tidying, weeding, and moving a couple of plants (bit risky since snow is forecast for tomorrow but have to do it when the joints allow).

I cannot stand a bare, dead, winter garden so had planted things that either changed colour or had nice shapes when they died off. This year I didn’t cut everything back. It worked well, and the dried leaves protected the more fragile plants underneath from days of thick snow.


lavender rosemary and sage plus daisies. Cue for a song


This is the first winter I didn’t wrap my six-year old potted camellia in garden fleece. It was looking a bit miserable so I put bubble wrap on top of my used coffee filters (it has always liked my coffee grounds) on top of the soil, so this has prevented the pot freezing and it the yellowing leaves are now glossy green with lots of buds.


My primulas have flowered all year round and now you can see what will be my blue and white bluebells peeking through the soil, plus a good crop of daffodils-to-be up under the bush where I will see them glowing from my bedroom.


Primrose daffodils, bluebells and snow-in-summer


Hopefully it will resemble a woodland glade in April.


bluebells beginning to show. Not English ones I think


I’m pleased to see the birds have repaid my kindness by dropping seeds of hollyhocks all over so this time I have grouped them along the fence, out of the wind. They make nice tall plants.


periwinkle running amok. Hollyhocks and new lavender


So this will be the fourth summer for my garden which was mainly from scratch. I have run out of space even for my three packets of seeds so they will have to go round to my raised garden bed in the other garden to provide a splurge of colour to view for the oldies in the four upstairs units across the gardens.


Sweet Williams have persevered and some parsley is still growing. I break bits off for cooking.


Most of them have admitted defeat and put down gravel or paving,  but my dog-walkers who pass along my fence on the playing-field side make such nice comments I feel I cant let down my public, even though all the bending is agony!


bamboo and primulas plus red ivy in basket. Bit of a mix


Also, because I don’t keep a planting chart, there are always nice little surprises showing up, and most aren’t weeds! Like the snowdrops and bluebells in the pebbled courtyard.


Snowdrops will keep forcing through the pebbles for weeks


So there is my first gardening report for 2015. Gardening may be bad for the joints but it is great for the mind and spirit.  There is so much still to do.


My Meditteranian corner in progress



Dried hydrangea flowers looked sculptural until cut



A touch of colour heralding Spring



Shaaby chic recycled planter with hyacinths coming. The spiky plant just appeared last year.



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