There is already an excellent and long-running writers’ group in Bassetlaw that meets at the Station Hotel on aTuesday evening, but at the time of writing I believe membership is full. They are a great and talented group of writers, several having been published.

My group is going to meet once a month in the new dining room at the rear of the Olive Grove Bistro, in Worksop.

We will start with a soup and sandwich lunch then get into some writing and reading.

I am keeping the format flexible so we can adapt to suit the needs of the group. The room holds fourteen comfortably.

We are holding a trial run on the 30th January from 1-3 pm. If many non-U3A (University of the Third Age) prospective writers want to join we will work with that.

The idea is to write for pleasure, no pressure! Lunch is included in the £5.00 cost. You can book by ringing the Olive Grove on (01909) 500 059.

This may just motivate me to finish 'the Door Slams'!

olive Grove Web Site
Retford Writers PageWeb



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