Licorice plants


I am bringing licorice back to Worksop!

Plus taking it on trust that this is a true licorice plant as formerly grown  in the area in Medieval times until the 1700’s. . Licorice was big business for its medicinal qualities, as I have mentioned elsewhere. My fifty seeds are en route from Europe, so here goes.

There may be some plants still growing wild in the area, but no one can lead me to one.  If these grow I may start a new gardening fashion!

Here is the historical reference to licorice, courtesy of :

Worksop was formerly very famous for the growth of Liquorice. In the time of Elizabeth, Camden in his “Britannia” notices the fame of the town for this plant. Speed says “In the west, near Worksop, groweth plenty of Liquorice, very delicious and good: “and Harrison thus alludes to it; “I cannot here omit that thing wherein the towne of Workesoppe excelleth all others within the Realme and most noted for, I meane the store of Licoras that groweth therein, and that of the best.” Sundry entries occur in his survey of the rent of a “licoras garden.” These gardens were principally situated on the eastern margin of the park, near the present “Slack Walk.”

About fifty years ago the last garden of this plant was dug up, which had been planted by the person after whom the “Brompton stock” is named.


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