Having just been to the dentist for a filling that did not require anaesthetic, I was still in a fit state to regale Emma, my young dentist with the horrible history of dentistry in Worksop in the 1960’s.

Dentistry these days is a totally different world. Quieter drills for a start. Improved anaesthetics – woohoo for that one – and teeth already pulled while you are waiting for them to start. True, I was there!

But our dreaded dentist was on Carlton Road way back then, no doubt overworked and underpaid on the NHS. This has nothing to do with my Mother’s visit.

She was very vain all her life about not wearing her spectacles despite being short-sighted. She has walked right past me in the street more than once, and I am no retiring violet.

So she saw the brass plate on the wall outside – the symbol of success for any professional – and in she toddled.

“Can I help you Madam”, the nice man enquired.
“Yes please, I have an appointment for a filling.”

“Well I can certainly do that for you……but I’m the vet….the dentist is next door!”

Gathering her dignity Mother left the premises and went to the next identical building, where the brass plate said very clearly, ‘dentist’.


The late Kathleen English at age 88



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