Today Was a Fibro Day

I have had fibromyalgia for over twenty years, and have learned to live around it. I tripped and twisted yesterday so things flared up a bit.
Today I didnt wake till 10.40am so straight in the shower., By the time I was dressed and ready I didn’t even have the energy to put the coffee on.
I had a rest, and did emails and Facebook lying down with the Ipad then put the coffee on (Sainsbury’s Cinder Toffee blended with Ringtons Colombian). Then I felt I needed to sleep. This is normal with fibros. When just lifting a jug hurts gets tiring.
The sun was shining through the shutters so temptingly.

br />IMG_1401-2

My mind wanted to tidy the garden desperately, but my body said it was going nowhere.
So I decided to recline in my adjustable recliner and watch ‘Time Team’ on TV. Well, Archeology it is a form of gardening!
After two episodes the two anti-inflammatory tablets had kicked in, along with the caffeine and I put on Dad’s fleece that I had snaffled for weeding their garden five years ago and sailed out into the fresh air.
Weeding is so painful but has to be done. I am unable to kneel so must bend from the waist, and my legs shuddered every time I straightened. I lasted 30 minutes but you can see where I have been. It was agony but I did it!
So this garden is going to be the last one this year.
I said that last year…and in 2013…and 2012. I will just get tools with longer handles. I cant see what I am doing anyway! Macular degeneration.
So this year more scented flowers for when I can no longer see them.











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