I am feeling understandably nervous, for at 2PM me and my visually-adjusted laptop set up in The Innings as part of the Volunteer team to help people overcome their internet worries, and have no idea what problems will be thrown at me!

We are part of a portable Internet Cafe that will be set up by A1 Housing around the town and outlying villages.

‘T’Internet is the local colloquialism for ‘The Internet’ since Yorkshire and Lancashire people are famous for shortening the word ‘the’ to ‘t’. Watch Monty Python. So there you are, Lesson One.

Bassetlaw Council, in its wisdom, has decreed that in the not so distant future it will go paperless and all our form-filling will be done online.

This can be overwhelming for many people, not just the elderly, and for Council tenants it means things like house exchanges, repairs, application forms and the like will all be dealt with online.

And this is where we T’internet Buddies come in -Tada! Capes flying. We are a small group of retirees and Council tenants who will attend Internet Cafes set up in various locations around Bassetlaw.

Today we will be set up in The Innings at Kilton (handy access to something stronger than coffee for frazzled nerves?) between 2-4pm, and hopefully people will come in for coffee (keep those biscuits away from the keyboard!) and to sit down and work through with us any internet problem they may have.

It is free, provided A1 Housing and will evolve according to need.

The others seem very clued up on everything. I have used computers for work since they came in, but lately I have decided I have reached my limit of technology and feel Microsoft is out to get me!

I am sure some of those who come will feel the same, and we are there to be friends who help each other, whether filling in forms online, doing a Google Search, finding information on the new Bassetlaw Council ‘You Beaut’ (wonderful) site, or even booking holidays. Skype, One Note, you name it.

Hopefully it will help people become comfortable with using the Internet, and provide temporary access for those who don’t have it at home.

And before you say it – no porn!

It will be an adventure. Must remember my hearing aid.





  1. Oh, but the internet is really great for . . . . . ! 😉

    Seriously, how did it go? I know how you feel about reaching the limit on technology. I sued to think I was pretty cool with it but with the introduction og iphones etc. I started to feel out of my depth, and I think it’s really not right that people are being forced to do everything online. For one thing, some people simply can’t afford computers and/or internet access.


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