Darfoulds Nursery



This skyline always reminds me of the original Windows desktop picture but it was taken just outside Worksop and is a view from Darfoulds Garden Centre and plant nursery.
The geese and ducks form a welcoming committee as we alight from the car. They look so pretty against the green backdrop of the rolling hill.
Although Worksop is built on gentle undulations with a few steeper inclines, the surrounding countryside is fairly flat. The highest point in the town that was once the wooden castle or fort is now a car park, but from the mound to the side there is quite a view, though mainly of nearby streets and houses now.
The hospital is also on one of the highest points too, come to think of it, as early hospitals often were. Nearer to Heaven in case of failure, or above the pollution of many coal fires that I remember hanging over the town?
Meanwhile, back at Darfoulds the winter plants are being put away and preparations are being made for spring and summer plantings.
The cafe is doing a good trade in providing for the Seniors who have escaped lunch-making in favour of an outing into the fresh air followed by a scone with jam and thick cream and a pot of tea.
Doing likewise, we join them.
More info: http://www.darfoulds.commore info

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