It has been a disconcerting evening. I have finally had to face up to, not only seven year’s worth of accumulated papers, but forgotten photos, sympathy cards for both parents – just over a year apart, wedding acceptance cards from 1967 and my diary from 1985! The latter must have come across in Mum and Dad’s effects three years ago and I am now forced to confront them before I return to Australia for good. 

 I did find my Certificate of Australian Citizenship, which will come in handy. Mum and Dad were out visiting at that time and the Mayor of singleton Shire Council, Councillor Neil Macnamara had laid on a special afternoon tea for us and treated The Oldies like the visiting VIP’s thet were (well to me, anyway.)


here were photos of my Grandchildren in brand new summer school uniform taken as they were preparing to make the first of many walks along the dusty unpaved footpaths. There were photos the Great Grandparents had received that I had never seen! That was a treat. 

 Ive found official documents I need, plus every mothers Day, Father’s Day and birthday card I seem to have sent. My sister had divided it all up into hers and mine. 

There is every air mail letter, seemingly,  that I ever sent since we emigrated to Australia in 1972. Not too many at first when the babies were small, but then I got the manual typewriter that had elite type to replicate (neat) handwriting, and hammered out many an aerogramme long before email was invented. There are even some printed versions of those. 

 My brain is tired enough to sleep well tonight I hope, and it wasnt as bad as I had anticipated, though there is as much again to be sifted tomorrow. I guess the hard part will be letting it all go up in flames. 

My letters may be of interest to the local museum, especially seeing as half of Bassetlaw appears to have emigrated to Australia over the years. Unlike us who went to New South Wales, most of our younger locals seem to have settled over the other side in Perth, Western Australia.

i might as sell let the rest go. I cant read most and dont want to remember a lot. I may have time to scan the photos to save excess baggage, if time allows.

Four weeks to go!

One thought on “SORTING PAPERS

  1. Apart from the official stuff that you can’t avoid, give yourself permission to choose what you ‘confront’. It is a personal choice: enjoy what you care to remember, discard all that doesn’t give you anything postive to recall,


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