Well I never thought I would be selling up, packing up, and moving to the other end of the world, again, but here I go!

We first emigrated to Australia from England as a very young family when I was 25. I never thought I would see Britain again in those days, because I was such a poor traveller. The discovery of ginger tablets to settle my stomach really freed me to fly, and I have been back and forth five times now.

So I am not saying I wont be back, but the 23 hours of flying (including a two-hour stop) has not improved in all these years. It really knocks me about, especially since it can be a bumpy journey and the ageing bones dont like being shaken about.


I shall miss the lush green grass of England, and the trees that are lovely in all four seasons. I will miss the distinct differences of each season; bare and stark in winter, with brown furrows in the fields and trees etched bare against the sky, especially now the days are less grey; the vibrance of spring and the new shoots, the snowdrops followed by yellow daffodils full of sunshine then on to the waxy leaves and trumpets of bluebells.






So here I am in an empty house .My Scottish father said I would “start an argument in an empty hoose!” but Im too tired. I will get excited when the Airbus is safely settled on Sydney tarmac around 10pm their time.


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