A Month Has Flown

 Ive already been over the Sydney Harbour Bridge on my second day here. My son met me and we stayed overnight near the airport. 21 hours travelling plus two  hours to Manchester Airport was enought. The hotel was fresh and comfy. We struck the Saturday traffic as we skirted the city and it took an hour just to reach the motorway, or expressway as it is called.Blasted out of the rock, the expressway is quite a feat of engineering and the scenery or bushland along the way is so different to the Midlands motorways.



 What a quick month with not much time for sightseeing and some unusually wet weather. Getting bank accounts and pensions sorted out, finding somewhere to,live and ensuing dramas ; flooded sink cupboard due to broken pipe; wondering why the floor has a slight slope (the flat is on a hill but…);then discovering the gully I am in misses the signal from the phone tower. That would have been a deal breaker had they told me. Nobody moves into a place without internet access these days.

.It has made getting established very difficult since all goverment issues are done online, and many hours have been wasted getting to places with paperwork to re-establish myself as an Aussie citizen since my identity card (in lieu of a Driver’s Licence) had lapsed, and so had my medicare card. That look a trip to the office with lots of documents. I have now proved I am neither terrorist or illegal alien.

So I’m back, and my eldest son and his wife have been brilliant at helping me. Tracy had acquired all the things I needed to set up house till mycartons arrive. Richard has run me around (Newcastle is second to Sydney in size in NSW) . It is spread across many suburbs). spent a couple of nights at Tantarra to catch up on my sleep.



Since I chose a renovated flat at the rear of a property not far from them I am based out at Warners Bay, with a totally different lifestyle. Now that is taking some adjusting to, but all good, apart from transport

I can no longer see to drive but fortunately I get a pensioner rate on buses and trains. Once my card arrives I can catch the train to Sydney for $3.75 return!



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