Tim Wells blog reminded me of when the Worksop Burns and Caledoniam Club held one of their dances in the Lady Margaret Hall, the underground  ballroom at Welbeck Hall on Welbeck Estate.

This would be around the 1960’s when both the ballroom and the Caledonians were in their prime. Nearly all the members are gone and the Club has folded since us younger ones have other interests. Sad really, because the expat Scots and locals had such a good time at the Scottish-themed socials. It also kept the local pipe band busy!

On this occasion the Committee, with Dad as President and Mum as Secretary,  was putting up their beloved tartans and decorating tables, which they always enjoyed, and no doubt they had some of Dad’s mixed tapes playing on the portable tape player.

A rather shabby groundsman came in , wandering about in his worn tweed jacket and green wellies. Dad went over and being a chatty, friendly type they got into conversation.

After a bit the old man asked Dad if he liked the ballroom. Dad said it was great and they had a good discussion about how good the sprung floor, accoustics etc were.

“I am glad you like it. I built it for my late wife, Margaret”, the old man said, and the Duke of Portland walked away happy!

For the latest on Welbeck Estate, which is one of my favourite places go to :


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