I am very proud of my 19-year old grandson. Since finishing school at 17 he has delivered pizzas, flipped burgers and has just got himself a full-time job dealing with electrical parts; all without taking government benefits. He is lucky to have a family that can afford to let him find his way in this manner. He knows he has to learn in order to progress and was about to undertake a fork lift driver certificate when his latest employment came about. He wants to make money to live on rather than go for a degree at the moment, but knows there is time. He does it on his own through the internet and goes off to interviews until he gets something even though he is not a people person.
He was prepared to accept menial jobs in order to get a foot on the employment ladder and as a family we have the attitude that without the workers those at the top cant exist.
He is not happy at having to get up for 6am  but he is doing it.
I think this makes him rather special and he is making me determined to get back into my writing and get back into life.
I wont give his name, he would be mortified!
PS Don’t tell him I told you!


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