A TOUCH OF OLD FRANCE – in Singleton!


Ever have one of those moments when you feel right at home somewhere you have never been before?

That happened to me yesterday at Worn Out Wares, known locally as ‘WOW’, after the florist section of the building.

Located on George Street, part of the busy New England Highway, the building shows its age in the uneven floors and solid walls.
It has seen everything from flocks of sheep being herded past to bullock carts; horse and carts, carriages then milk tankers followed by huge coal trucks and now double-barreled huge tankers carrying contents of all descriptions.

Entering by the shop door ìs to be going back in time with every corner filled with all sorts of items for home or garden decor. Browsing is encouraged and for the traveller it is a pleasing place to take a break, especially when just past the second room of artifacts a kitchen appears with a reception desk that points tbrough old glazed doors to tables and chairs of all ages and styles, set for partaking of …well here is the surprise…a very modern assortment of foodstuffs, juices and desserts.

Gwen and I passed through to what I seem to remember having been the shop front of the old bakery in one incarnation, but by our well-heated table on this chilly day were buckets and vases of bunches of lovely flowers.

Everywhere one looked there was something of interest and while the world whirled by outside time seemed to stand still somewhere between Victorian tea and French Bistro cake but presented in a quirky modern fun way. Go see for yourself.

Not only was the food fresh and delicious and the service relaxed and friendly, but I was able to have some fresh flowers made up as bouqets while we ate, and these were ready to go when we were replete.

I nearly came away with some of the softest yellow leathers gloves on sale in the glass counter case, but I resisted.
Must go back!




2 thoughts on “A TOUCH OF OLD FRANCE – in Singleton!

  1. I shall make a point of taking Muvva there next time I visit Singleton! She bemoans the fact that Singleton doesn’t have a lot of the big chain stores thar she likes, but Singleton more than makes up for it with gorgeous little gems like WOW.. And good on them for diversifying with a café as well…


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