It will be like Christmas! All my worldly goods, or what was left of them, arrive in six cartons tomorrow. They  promised! Last time I saw my favourite bits was last March 2015. Cant wait to have my favourite apron and  ornaments. I have down sized hugely (if you can downsize hugely) and pared my world down to the special and sentimental. I gave away a huge amount of stuff and maybe I will be rewarded in heaven to find a home of similar things, but we shall see. I can’t remember most of it anyway, unless I look at  my many photos, and even then I am surprised at some things I had that have gone elsewhere. I have not had the urge to replace them here, which is a blessing, and even now wonder where I am going to put six of my own artworks in this minimalist abode. Of course I wont be here forever. You know me!IMG_1900 Before20150813_094813Currently.


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