Sorry to have left you in the dark since August, but my return to Australia has been very traumatic, physically and emotionally demanding, and financially disastrous. So much to tell I will have to fill you in later. Suffice to say, after 7 years I had expectedto pick up where I left off. So wrong. Everything had changed. Even the
had a new system of payment – the Opal card and familar routes had been changed – that was majorly disconcerting since my vision is now very impaired and I no longer drive. I lost a huge amount of confidence just in getting about, got lost several times just going to old haunts and fortunately got rescued by son and grandson, but the vast distances after England being so compact meant a day used up just to hand in paperwork – and don’t talk to me about doing things online. We dont have time here. So, six months in and at least I’m not an early convict sent to populate the colonies, though our two have now added six, and I am free to leave at will, but I have enough to tell you to start a book, so that is what I will do. Start a new blog for 2016 and tell you all about the last six months of 2015. It hasn’t been dull! Challenging yes and now here I am in the process of moving to another suburb. More upheaval. See you


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