A Dangerous Situation

Oh dear! Just found myself going against the grain and commenting on some smart–a who pulled up someone on their spelling and grammar in a response to the latest serious situation in Korea and told him both spelling and grammar correctness depend on which country you live in blah blah and that the situation is likely to rscalate and be world threatening. Even ended with “get a life”! Actually I put it more succingtly, used BIG words (no not huge and enormous) and told him to “stop pontificating”. I understand the fleeting satisfaction of slamming someone unknown but I don’t know this person’s background or medical history and what damage I might have done but he had two goes at this sensible, if misspelt, person and I won’t stand for bullying. Of course if I get a nasty reply I will be upset! As Thumper said to Bambi: “If ya cain’t say nuthin’ nice……”.


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