THE FIRST WEEK OF WINTER 2016 – life in Australia

We have been warned about bad weather coming, and I have been lying watching the clouds building and circling ominously. Now, after finishing a phone call to Gwen I look up and the sky is clearing and the sun is out! It was previously looking very ominous, but you can see the mist among the trees and houses. The crepe myrtle that was a riot of pink for months is now turning amber in the leaves, prior to having them blown all over Esther’s garden (she hates that!). My daily chore of sweeping up the frangipani leaves from the front patio is culminating in a ‘big finish’ as the old tree sheds for winter. A low price to pay for all those daily delicate cream blossoms. Here is the view from the bedroom just now. Need a good storm to blast the outsides of the windows. Window cleaners are a rare breed here, especially at this height!

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