Wild and Windy – the weather not me!

Well Fans, what a wild night up on the hill! Compliments to Esther’s late hubby who built it in 1948. I now know what it feels like to live in a lighthouse when the wind hurls itself like a solid entity. Had the wind been in the other direction, I fear we would have ended up in the gully, for the retaining walls in the garden are losing the fight with gravity! Since they withstood the earthquake I wont be packing up soon. At least this house doesn’t trip me up and smack me in the face with solid floor tiles like the last one. But it is freezing! Straight off the Antarctic and howling through the gaps in the old windows! Oh for central heating or air conditioning. Never satisfied but I have two fan heaters doing their bit, and the sun is now on the windows acting like a radiator. Have added the wool doona to the bed and may try for an extra couple of hours sleep. Very odd that I should be feeling the cold after eight years in the UK but it has been a very long hot summer here and mild so far. I was watching the tree outside against the moonlit clouds last night and its branches were wildly swirling in circles. When you think how solid a tree appears it shows the power of nature. Hmm, might add the electric blanket into the equation. One of the great advantages of being retired.

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