My new abode is set into a large garden but has been fenced off by hreen galvanised fencing (the curse of Australian gardens). It was ‘all the go’ ònce it came on the market, made of pressed steel or galvanised iron. It replaced sound-absorbing but labour-intensive wooden fencing (visions of Tom Sawyer…no, Huckleberry Finn? So long ago –  whitewashing a paling fence).
Since water can get scarce, and has to be paid for, I have decided on native plants with plants that need water or shade,such as ferns, near the kitchen door. There were some wooden planters left behind which is a bonus. Ive added some coloured metal features to offset the high green fencing.


Im writing this on my metal bench seat discounted at the local designer shop and very comfy


My daughter in law found me the cushions in Aldi, a real bargain.


The blue table is currently on sale at K-Mart $29). I may put a fern in pot underneath it.
The succulents were a housewarming gift from Jo when she visited. She buys old glasses and adds soil and marble chips to make mini gardens. A great idea since they are so adaptable…

After six months I moved on, taking my garden things with me. Being behind that high fence was like being in prison!


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