They have to let me back into Australia – I am a citizen! Not only that, they are holding my sons and grandchildren hostage, so I must return.
Problem is, I have given up my villa unit in Oz and sruffed this one full of possesions in the course of five years. I began seven years ago when I was looking after Mum and Dad. I needed things I could call mine. I just never noticed that I didnt stop!
So…do I sell up everything here and have some spending money to buy more at the other end, which means being in an empty flat here until I find one at the other end, or book my flight, stay with friends at both ends (i have offers) and hope for the best. Being a person who likes to dot the i’s and cross the t’s before venturing forth I am in a quandary.
My home environment is very important, especially since fibromyalgia and arthritis can sometimes confine me to home, but not if I can help it.
I dont do stairs, and I like a bus stop nearby, or a taxi service. So that is enough for now. Here is where I return to. My compensation for giving up green grass, lovely trees and ancient stone buildings.


Rufford Abbey



newcastle beach




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