Isn’t it strange how people’s paths can cross and re-cross unintentionally over the years?

I was looking on our local Freecycle site ( in the hope that someone wishes to dispose of a ‘granny chair’ -those comfy high-backed wing chairs tall enough to get out of (ask Barbara how hard it is to haul me out of a comfy chair!)

A lady in one of the other suburbs was asking for several types of tropical plants, including bromiliads and coleus. ‘ Somebody keen to start a garden’, thought I, remembering how nice it was to be given cuttings when I was starting my various gardens. Many reminded me of their givers; flowering ginger from Louise, red geraniums from Ruth, etc.

I sent a reply to the person who posted, with my mobile number. Within minutes a text came. Could she come right over. Give me an hour, I replied, and scrambled for the shower!

It was a bit nippy to get outside, but I was outside putting cuttings in bags by the time the person parked up.

‘I know you!’, exclaimed the lady. ‘ You lived in Mayfield!’ Such is fame. I recognised her voice. ‘Vicky, I was your Avon lady!’ How can you forget someone who made you look, smell and feel good. The little boy Vicky used to bring is now sixteen. He was little then. Eleven years have passed.

It was lovely to catch up. Vicky too had moved on – to her own house. I threw in some of Esther’s  bromeliads (sssh!) that had been battered during the recent tree lopping but had grown new shoots. That saved a fortune in plants from a nursery, plus a few babies I was nurturing from Esther’s spillover garden.  Vicky went away happy and we can now text or visit.

To make up for scavenging my 90-year old landlady’s bountiful garden (and oh yes, she will notice), I got in and tidied and pruned the front courtyard which now looks much better. I felt better too, except for my back of course.



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