The forecast very high winds have blasted their way here, and it/they is/are howling like banshees through the gaps in the very old sash windows. The ferocious gusts follow a lull while it pulls away and mutters among the branches lower down. 

I relax then ‘Slam!’, it hurls back against the building.

I feel like a beleaguered princess, up in her turret while a rumbling, grumbling, angry dragon prowls around the base before gathering its scaly wings and leaping up to throw a blast of sulphorous flame against the window opening.

And that is in daylight. It looks like being a wild night. 

Batten down the hatches and hope the coal tankers are anchored safely out to sea, although the beaching of the Pasha Bulker after the last furious storm a few years back proved a most exciting community event! (See Google)


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