My Philosophy – 1

The idea of aschool trial is although it is a mental trial, because it is only a trial,you can try and try again till you get it right Maybe with a different set of questions.

 -as I said to my Godaughter’s daughter on the day of her school Trials. 

I used to get so anxious when siiting exams that my mind went completely blank and my level of learning did not show in the results. Then, later in life, in 2000 in fact, I went back to school as a mature student at Open Foundation at the University of Newcastle. And took exams.

I had learned over the years to jot down the words that came to mind related to the question, then ‘join the dots’ with more relevant words, even sentences. Whole learned paragraphs sprang to ming from scribbles in the margin of the question paper. I became so engrossed in the game of bringing out all I could remember of the subject I forgot to be fearful of the occasion.

I passed, and became a Mature Age University Student. In the intervening years I had done many courses, gained cetificates and learned a lot about life and people. I could put out a fire with the correct extuinguisher, escape from a burning building, and know not to touch the handle of a door leading into a burning room. Had a lot of fun doing it. Thanks to the Fire Station in Alexandria, Sydney, I am an Advanced Fire Warden.

I alsohave a Marine Radio Operator’s Licence, though in need of renewal, but I could listen in to six radio frequencies simultaneously while up at the Coastal Patrol Station in Newcastle, and know when to call out help for yachts in trouble and when to let a local fishing boat skipper know I was inadvertatly monitoring his love life! Sudden radio silence. Some nights I could pick up Alaska if the thingummyjig level in the ionisphere was right to bounce off. But lets not get technical.

I have a folder of achievements that surprises me to look through. Most required practical learning more than academic learning. aSeveral required sitting exams or tests. I even have a Certificate of Romance from Radio 2K0 for making the top ten in their Romance Writers Competition! 

What am I saying, Accalia? That it is a good thing to learn as much as you can to pass your subject, but not passing that particular exam does not mean you cant go on and learn the subject to the point of being an expert if it will enhance your life.

Exams are like Lego bricks. They all will build up to something. Sometimes you need a different set of Lego bricks to build what you really want but they all form something interesting (and yes I got a credit in my Uni Philosophy exam even though I tend to think out of the Lego box. I did much better in Journalism where I could put what, when, where, who and why in my own words)!

I also know a very learned academic who cannot do a grocery supermarket shop on his own.

So if you cannot be academic, be interesting. Life will go on, and you can add to your knowledge at any age or stage. This is just one Lego brick, and just when you think you have got the whole collection they bring out a whole new set. Doesnt mean you wont live a meaningful life without it, but it is worth giving every opportunity to be better your best shot. Love and hugs, Auntie Eunice


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