Women Sitting in a Circle

photo courtesy of Jenny’s web site

I wanted to share this brilliant new initiative happening locally. Jenny also does breathing coaching which is something I need….

Women with Spirit – Women across the world are Sitting in a circle
Hello Eunice
Since last circle I have been doing some research and to my delight have found that the Circle of Women is happening all around the world! There is a ground swell of women gathering together to sit, listen and discuss all sorts of topics from a woman’s perspective. 
Circles are crossing boundaries of age, race, and creed providing a rich space for all women to develop and grow.
These groups take all different shapes and forms depending on the need of the area and meet to explore a range of topics which are heard and discussed from a women’s perspective.
The one thing in common is that we are all women, ready to be present for one another and support and nurture each other in our process and divine rights in the world.
It feels right to be part of something that is happening across the globe and no wonder I was so intuitively drawn to start one up right here in Charlestown!!
Not sure if you have something to contribute?

Too fearful to sit and speak with strangers?
Last month, as we passed around the talking bowl, we allowed each woman to answer the question:
What does Spirit mean to you?
There was a mix of women who knew each other and those that didn’t.
When the bowl was passed to one woman she said: “I don’t really have anything to say!”, and then a miracle happened!! Because she had the bowl, she was the only one allowed to speak and after a comfortable pause she shared with us what Spirit meant to her. It filled my heart with joy!
This taught me that most of the time we are under pressure to say and do what we think others want to hear and often don’t talk at all because of this.
In the circle though, all others just listen with no comment or judgement or rescue, allowing the speaker to say what is in her heart.
Later, when the bowl had gone full circle. We openly chatted about how we related to one another.
The September Circle is about Core Values:
What are your Core Values? The ones that guide you every day and filter what you see and do?

Did you inherit any of these values from your mother, grandmother?

Have your values changed over time?
Bring something for the altar that represents your core values. Something that speaks to you and conveys your thinking around core values.
Come and sit and listen with us.
When: Saturday September 3rd 

Time: 11am to 1pm

Where: The Place, Frederick Street, Charlestown Square, The Haven Room

Cost: $20
Bring: Water and come as you are 🙂
I found the easiest access is to park in the Charlestown Square carpark from the Frederick Street entry and walk.

This is a venue change just for September as the library is booked by the Council for local government election.


Yours with Spirit

Our mailing address is:


14 Moonah Avenue, Charlestown, NSW 2290
WBreathe Learn Live · 14 Moonah Avenue · Charlestown, Nsw 2290 · Australia

One thought on “Women Sitting in a Circle

  1. Hi Eunice. You are a gem! Thank you for sharing the Women Circle on your blog. September’s circle is exploring values and I can see that one of yours is to share and promote others and the wonderful things in life. Bless you.
    Yours with Spirit. Jenny

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