(Still) Fighting Fibromyalgia) – Kava

​Breakthrough Fans! A normal night’s sleep thanks to natural kava as suggested by Paula Morrow, naturopath. Slept so deeply I couldnt move my knees when I woke because the bones had locked! Normally I am constantly on the move in bed to be comfortable. Had to get up now cos left leg has spasms. Im documenting for my fibromyalgia friends. People who dont understand how life altering it is. They write it off as mental but more is being found on the chemical aspect causing neurological and physical problems. Natural solutions are taking the place of mind altering (and addictive) prescription drugs that affect the whole body. My recommended duo of paroxetine and amitryptalene are now said to be counter indicative and even toxic! No wonder I have been sick for months. They did stop involuntary muscle spasms and some pain but my head felt ‘squashed’ and creativity deadened. Then my left arm started with jerking tremors some time go. My chemist noticed,  researched it seems those meds can cause this. I am one of thousands with fibandro. Related to muscular sclerosis, chronic fatigueand other syndromes. Nights were awful with broken sleep but no rest if awake, making days such an effort. I also have Hashimotos Disease of the throid because my autoimmune system is too strong. And arthritis everywhere. This also causes inflammation everywhere. I tend to give people the impression I have mental problems but my physical issues afffect my mental state. I know writing about this may go against always putting on a brave and funny face all the time but this is an important stage of my journey. If this natural approach works for me it may help many others when just one night’s rest feels life changing. Today just getting out without help seems possible. One day at a time. Thank you for all your prayers. They are the wind beneath my winds.

Foods that are helpimg:

Ginger -digestion, nausea


Magnesium – tremors

Vitamin D – muscle pain

Look them.up for full details.


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