Redhead Beach is not far from here. It is not as popular as the main beaches, and the surf can get rough. It is also near a small island where sharks like to hang out and breed. Hence the icreased number of sightings close to the beach.

Global warming and all that. 

The surf club is trialling drone surveillance in addition to the usual Surf Club monitoring and aerial reconnaisace.

So Barb was swimming there the other day, as you do, having a lovely time and keeping fit as well.

She is petite, and looking down at her sleek black one-piece thought: “I look like a seal! Sharks like seals.”

At that instant the siren went off. Shark sighted, leave the water! Barb couldn’t hit the beach fast enough, along with all the swimmers (between the flags), and the surfers. They are not so blase’ since the recent spate of attacks along the coast.

It turned out to be a hammerhead shark only a metre from the beach. Not sure if they eat pink black and blonde seals but Barb will be wearing bright swimmers (swimsuits) in future, as recommended.

And of course they will all be back in the water.

This is ‘Straya’ after all.

Info on hammerhead sharks


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