Just saw he funniest thing as the storm is passing The big black bird, a currawong called Englebert was on his usual afternoon perch in the jacaranda opposite, which was swaying alarmingly. He seemed to be having fun then suddenly swung upside down with one wing outstretched. At first I thought he was caught,as he blew back and forth-but noticed the cool wind and rain were getting under his feathers as they blew up.  Then he tried with both wings, hanging totally upside down. Englebert was taking a shower! The rain got harder just as I got up to get the ipad video, and he has taken shelter. I will never get that opportunity agan. My own trapeze artist, with a lovely clean tummy.

I am not totaly convinced Englebert is a currowong, dut to my impaired vision. He could be a raven.

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