Xmas is not a good time for me, for many reasons, and I am one of many. Apart from the joy of the Christmas story I can’t wait for all the hype to be over. These days giving presents can be more of a competition than giving unconditional love, and to many, many children it is a time of poverty. The modern Xmas is cruel. Rant over.

So why so maudlin? This is the first time I have found that I cant do something as easy as decorating a tree, because both my wrists shake too much both to hold the delicate ornaments and my vision is distorted so things aren’t always where they think they are. It came as a shock, because I was only trying to glue these stars on the marble tree. BUT..I persisted, and did it. It isn’t as fancy as I planned but hey, I still have two hands, two eyes (one blind but with enough peripheral vision that I don’t walk into walls though I do catch corners). I am not in a wheelchair, and I am in total awe of those achievers who are. 

I am a bit sad that this year I didn’t do any craft work for gifts this but I am working on an alternative. Surprise! I am grateful for the many years I had as an artist, and for the many things I was able to make with my gift. I have hundreds of photos I took of them for the record. 

I am merely growing old, and grumpy. But also grateful, and I want you to do today what you were going to do tomorrow, because you never know, and it is called making memories.

In the meantime I am off to make a cop of tea, which is becoming a challenge, and not only am I assembling this (below), but using my long-handled grabber to place the Xmas ornaments in it as the alternative to a proper tree. Watch this space. We WILL have a Happy Christmas just not a consumerism-driven one! Love. Xx

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