Pills With Sharp Edges – Reading Poetry

I am very honoured to be among a group of women chosen to read Michael Collins’ poems on his prototype cd, ‘Voices’, which also comes with the words in a booklet, nicely presented in a case. It was not difficult to read ‘Pills With Sharp Corners’, about dementia, because I heard my Mother’s slightly fractious tone when her mild dementia caused confusion. Michael gets to the nitty gritty of feelings. No obtuse similies or high-falutin’ verbiage. A man being honest with love and life. Some from a woman’s viewpoint. How long had he been watching me to tell my story so succinctly, when we have just met? It can be disturbing yet comforting. Someone out there knows all the hurts, and the pleasures. Perhaps that is why we women enjoyed being part of this developing project.

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