Doing Xmas in Different Style

I had a lovely Xmas experience with Richard, Tracy and Isabelle. First we went to the Roof Top Garden Noodle Hut at Kotara where I had prawn Thai something (perfect) in nice surroundings, then on to the Gold lounge (posh side) to chat till the film started. This side has electric recliners and a mug of perfect coffee with a choc delivered half way through. Then we saw some decorated houses on the way home. It will now take Karen Ractcliffe all Christmas weekend to explain to me what the heck I was watching! She is an authority on all things Harry Potter, not to mention anything Hobbity. Personally I am a Tinkerbell kind of person but with Dolby sound (no need for hearing aids it goes right through the seats) and tons of masonry falling about our heads near the front I am quite worm out. Pity no one wanted to share my pure chocolate buttons from the Chocolate Shop. What am I to do with them? It is going to seem terribly bland back on the other side with the Seniors monthly morning tea next time but a comedy would be good, lol.


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