Sewing Machines Needed

My friend, Reeba Fredrick, runs a Sewing Project to assist destitute women in India. They are now looking to start a third centre in remote Tamil Nadu. The women are fed, educated to be seamstresses and when they graduate they are given their own sewing machine with which to continue to make a new life. So many lives are being changed, one group at a time, which means the children as well. By one means and another the money for machines has turned up. Reeba says it can be miraculous! A little goes a long way in India, and the machines are sturdy and hardwearing.Now they need 65 tailoring machines so each new graduate can earn a living and not have to beg, or worse, on the streets. At this time of giving you may like to think of holding back on one present and sending the money instead to change a life. And you know the money is being well used. Reeba Fredrick is on Facebook so pop over and ask her any questions. She and her husband, Fredrick Anjuraj are so dedicated to helping others that I am humbled to know them.My previous story and photos here


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