JONNY WALKER – Global Busker Lifts the Spirits

Sleepless in Newcastle (New South Wales)  last nighť so replayed one of Jonny Walker’s recorded live busking sessions from his page on fb. This time from a cold Liverpool corner. Other times at 3am on a sleepless, steamy hot night Ì virtually go stand in the cold and the rain with him. Sometimes others pass. Some drop coins into his guitar case. This has happened for more than ten years now, and he likes the itinerant musician life (he lives in Ĺeeds). Sometimes he sings his own sings, which leave the modern drivel in the wilderness. Did I say his voice is special? You would have to listen to inderstand.

  1. But now Jonny Walker’s busking life has gone Global. Not just me in Australia; Brasil, America, so many people from many countries tune in to the live concert. A Leeds corner is a huge worldwide auditorium. “Hello Wembley” he jokes ( as if opening in the huge London concert arena!) We watch him fiddle with the iphone on a tripod that is his sound and camera crew. He swivels it around to show us the street, passers by, occasional council refuse truck, then back to the microphone stand. I must ask him how he gets power for his amplifier for we can message him while he is singing. From time to time he leans towards the screen and reads the messages, fingers fleeting through t0he chords at the same time. He grins his devastating grin. His global fans flutter! I dont flutter but smile anyway. I worry like a Grandma whether he eats prooerly, wanting so send someone on the street there to fetch him a hot coffee.
  2. But I am getting sleepy. The lovely rich voice singing lovely songs has soothed my soul. I snuggle down in bed. My ipad battery says it is running low. 
  3. “Night Jonny and thanks.Till next time.
  4. Visit his page

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