Biggest Sundial in the…

​Jonny Walker wwas performing from Hebden Bridge ,UK, by the sundial the other day so couldn’t resist doing a Cŕocodile Dundee and sending a pic of the Singleton  Sundial that I had passed only that day (pictured). It was intended to e the biggest in the world but India soon put us right. The Samrat Yantra in Jaipur lays disputed  claim to that. However “our” sundial is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere and that will do me! I was on the local Bicentennial Committee (200 years of Atralian government, or something – such a young country) and this signifies the link between the old time and the new. One American tourist asked me ‘ How does it tell time at night?’ ‘Oh we turn the floodlights on!’, I blithely replied. Bit guilty.


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