My Parkinsons Diary

Well, my brain scan is healthy. Yes surprised me too! Im still diagnosed with Parkinsons. Too many symptoms but the spine scan proved spinal canal stenosis – narrowing causing compression pain and muscle weakness plus severalfacet joint deteriorations which explains a lot. Now we kknow what we

are working around and now I wont feel so guilty about having to give in and lie down especially as I still do internet stuff lying down. Add impaired vision and Hashimotos disease of the thyroid and Im doing damn fine fine for the state I am in! Natural options are helping – and my new speedy pwheels (walker). Lack of transport is frustrating but my new level four assessment should help with that. On we go.



A a merry morning on Youtube with all the old pop music – putting faces to the songs,some for the first time. Electric solid guitars were a new invention. New sounds, new rhythms, new dances. My first disco was in Leeds in 1966, while I was doing my Tax Officer training. Several of us on the course went. Dark cave-like place, blue and white flashing lights. Came out couldn’t hear each other speaking for ages due to the damage from very loud music! Good times.

PS While in Leeds I bought the three-tiered veil for my wedding in 1967. The embroidered second tier doesn’t show up here, nor the fabric flower headress. The silver sling-back shoes with silver leather flower held on by a diamonte’ centre were bought in Sheffield. The treebark satin A-line (ultra-trendy) dresses were all beautifully made by Mum, very reluctantly since she wanted me to have a proper, bought, bridal dress! But I have never seen a wedding collection I have liked more. Thank you Mum.

Me at my Grandaughter’s Age

My friend Barrie has taken up touching up old photos and here I am after being touched up (English joke). This is his van for their ‘group’ (sixties rock band) that my school friends and I used to follow (the band not the van, ha ha). They were a great band Roy Dwain and the Roamers nice lads and we were good girls. Jean and Annie in my class at Retford Girls High School ran their fan club. They were good days. Some of the original popular pmusic by the band is on Youtube click here Roy Dwain and the Roamers. This is my favourite clip. Now my grandaughter is the same age and is and about to learn to drive! Her bands come to the local Arena and cost a fortune, especially if you want to meet and greet. Our band used to hang out with their girlfriends in the interval (break) offstage in the dance hall and would happily sign photos. They had fun. We had fun.

All In The Attitude

Meeting up with oldest most inspirational friend in Hamilton as she is catching the train down to shop for a swimsuit in the trendy swimwear shop to wear for her swimming exercise at the local gym. My swimsuit hangs in the wardrobe having never seen daylight, let alone water. Gwen meets her health issues head on and keeps going. After two hours total sleep I am struggling to get ready and go worship at the feet of this geriatric goddess! Just battling my way into one swimsuit in Spandex would require a lie down for me but the walk along the shopping street and good coffee will loosen me up and Gwen is a tonic at any time. So much to talk about and will come back determined to step up my exercise – after a lie down! 


Meet my new best friend! Actually I have had it for years, even washed it as well as wiping it clean, which is how I noticed this time a velcro opening underneath and a little microwaveable wheat heat back inside!
So tónight while I am wide awake due to nerve pain from my spine I gave the poor little ducķy ten seconds apreadeagled on the micro turntable and now my back is kovely and warm, right where it hurts, and on the first cool night in weeks. Bliss!