Just checked in with Patrick L Bryson in Oregon. We have been email pals for 21 years (well before Facebook) and have shared so much yet never met, and we like it that way. We have our own special people these days who are private but way back then we were young and looking for friendship. It was Valentines Day a year after Nev had died. He got really sick and taken to hospital the previous Valentine’s Day so the memories were overwhelming and I was at home, alone. So I found a penpal site and chose a few potential new friends. Pat and Ed were two who replied and we became good and funny friends. I met Ed in Canada while I was there. I didnt like his voice and his bitterness had never showed by email. It was a disaster and I lost a friend for our emails dwindled and stopped. That left Pat, who knew about Ed. Pat has a great voice (we have talked by phone) and a sense of humour. But we wont meet. He is too valuable as a support and friend. We have helped each other take on challenges and succeeded. His photographs are beautiful. Now we are old and share our health issues. We dont write much cos we dont do as much but we are still pals. Some of you have been my friends for just as long both in UK and Oz. Each relationship is different and equally special. At this time with Valentines looming I wanted you to meet Patrick, a great and loving friend. Thanks for being out there Pat. Xx