Biggest Sundial in the…

​Jonny Walker wwas performing from Hebden Bridge ,UK, by the sundial the other day so couldn’t resist doing a Cŕocodile Dundee and sending a pic of the Singleton  Sundial that I had passed only that day (pictured). It was intended to e the biggest in the world but India soon put us right. The Samrat Yantra in Jaipur lays disputed  claim to that. However “our” sundial is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere and that will do me! I was on the local Bicentennial Committee (200 years of Atralian government, or something – such a young country) and this signifies the link between the old time and the new. One American tourist asked me ‘ How does it tell time at night?’ ‘Oh we turn the floodlights on!’, I blithely replied. Bit guilty.


Retford Tax Office-Memory

In Retford Tax Office we took turns to do a day in the mailroom – and run the switchboard! At first it was terrifying as the numbered ‘eyelids’ came down. 21 was the Chief Inspector! Had to get that right, pulling up the plug on its cotton-covered elastic and slotting it in the right hole.

JONNY WALKER – Global Busker Lifts the Spirits

Sleepless in Newcastle (New South Wales)  last nighť so replayed one of Jonny Walker’s recorded live busking sessions from his page on fb. This time from a cold Liverpool corner. Other times at 3am on a sleepless, steamy hot night Ì virtually go stand in the cold and the rain with him. Sometimes others pass. Some drop coins into his guitar case. This has happened for more than ten years now, and he likes the itinerant musician life (he lives in Ĺeeds). Sometimes he sings his own sings, which leave the modern drivel in the wilderness. Did I say his voice is special? You would have to listen to inderstand.

  1. But now Jonny Walker’s busking life has gone Global. Not just me in Australia; Brasil, America, so many people from many countries tune in to the live concert. A Leeds corner is a huge worldwide auditorium. “Hello Wembley” he jokes ( as if opening in the huge London concert arena!) We watch him fiddle with the iphone on a tripod that is his sound and camera crew. He swivels it around to show us the street, passers by, occasional council refuse truck, then back to the microphone stand. I must ask him how he gets power for his amplifier for we can message him while he is singing. From time to time he leans towards the screen and reads the messages, fingers fleeting through t0he chords at the same time. He grins his devastating grin. His global fans flutter! I dont flutter but smile anyway. I worry like a Grandma whether he eats prooerly, wanting so send someone on the street there to fetch him a hot coffee.
  2. But I am getting sleepy. The lovely rich voice singing lovely songs has soothed my soul. I snuggle down in bed. My ipad battery says it is running low. 
  3. “Night Jonny and thanks.Till next time.
  4. Visit his page

Valentines Bouquet-not!

​Just made my annual call to my best mate Rodney, thanking him “for the beautiful flowers”. This is approx year 20 I have made this call. He hasnt sent them yet! This time I told him he can put them on my grave. But I am being cremated – eventually! It is one of those friend things. So many car repairs. Sensible advice. No frills no fuss Aussie who tells it as it is, whether I want to know or not. Quote “For an intelligent person you do the stupidest things.” Nearest to a compliment he ever got! I have the world’s greatest friends and love them all dearly. Some of you are reading this.


​My unsociable waking hours are handy for furthering the Family History now my cousin Maureen is picking up the slack and we are comparing notes by email from Scotland. She is doing the Howiesons, I am now tidying up the Eunsons and I am about to follow the Irish D’Arcy line back to the Norman Knights who conquered Ireland. Grandad always said there was a French connection. Then we find our Scottish English side originated in Northern Ireland so we have strong Irish links. There are quite a few of you who seem to be relatived too. Maureen and I are doubly linked for our Mothers were two Sisters who married two Brothers who became our Fathers. And dont get me started on the Vikings! My cousin Miĺlar helped me get started on the English line. Any info on English, Howieson, D’arcy, Eunson. would be welcome.

Sewing Machines Needed

My friend, Reeba Fredrick, runs a Sewing Project to assist destitute women in India. They are now looking to start a third centre in remote Tamil Nadu. The women are fed, educated to be seamstresses and when they graduate they are given their own sewing machine with which to continue to make a new life. So many lives are being changed, one group at a time, which means the children as well. By one means and another the money for machines has turned up. Reeba says it can be miraculous! A little goes a long way in India, and the machines are sturdy and hardwearing.Now they need 65 tailoring machines so each new graduate can earn a living and not have to beg, or worse, on the streets. At this time of giving you may like to think of holding back on one present and sending the money instead to change a life. And you know the money is being well used. Reeba Fredrick is on Facebook so pop over and ask her any questions. She and her husband, Fredrick Anjuraj are so dedicated to helping others that I am humbled to know them.My previous story and photos here

Doing Xmas in Different Style

I had a lovely Xmas experience with Richard, Tracy and Isabelle. First we went to the Roof Top Garden Noodle Hut at Kotara where I had prawn Thai something (perfect) in nice surroundings, then on to the Gold lounge (posh side) to chat till the film started. This side has electric recliners and a mug of perfect coffee with a choc delivered half way through. Then we saw some decorated houses on the way home. It will now take Karen Ractcliffe all Christmas weekend to explain to me what the heck I was watching! She is an authority on all things Harry Potter, not to mention anything Hobbity. Personally I am a Tinkerbell kind of person but with Dolby sound (no need for hearing aids it goes right through the seats) and tons of masonry falling about our heads near the front I am quite worm out. Pity no one wanted to share my pure chocolate buttons from the Chocolate Shop. What am I to do with them? It is going to seem terribly bland back on the other side with the Seniors monthly morning tea next time but a comedy would be good, lol.