My Son Saved Cliff Richard’s Life!

They have a very droll sense of humour in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. It isn’t the brash humour of Yorksire, even though on the border, but a certain dry wit delivered deadpan and leaving a beat for you to get the point. 

Lee Westwood the champion golfer has it, though I daresay his PR team has tried to tone it down. My Wee Pal Barrie (as Dad called him) has it. At first I took offence. Worksopians don’t do endearments. They ‘take the Mick’ instead. You are supposed to feel loved and special. Humph! It only works if you didn’t grow up elsewhere. 

I grew up in Scotland. Our humour is Billy Connolly (not necessarily with the swearing). As for Aussie humour, it may be laconic but the TV humourusually seems to be second hand; sending people up, not often kindly. Ive been here 34 years. Judge for yourself.

Now my sons were both born in Worksop but left at a very young age when we emigrated to Australia. Their father was a Yorkshireman with a dour disposition, so we will discount him. But they seem to have absorbed that unique Worksop style of humour at birth.

My eldest, who prefers to remain anonymous (don’t you Richard?), comes out with some classics, usually at my expense. 

     “We’ve got a new big tv Mum. We can watch the videos you send on it…Oh no, we will need an extra wide screen!” 

To which I replied:

    “I can still have you adopted.” (No I cant, he is in his forties).

His best though, was a few years back when he took me to see Cliff Richard live at the Entertainment Centre here in Newcastle, which he informed me he would suffer through because he got free tickets. I am an extra large fan of ‘Cliffy).

Now you younger readers may not remember that many women used to throw their panties at ‘Ciffy’ on stage, as a sign of their adoration.

He must have cupboards full of scanty panties.

We were just settling comfortably in our rather good seats for the start of the concert when Eldest Son muttered to me:

     “Mum, don’t throw your knickers at him – he would suffocate!

Very funny – not.

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Very early photo of Cliff Richard
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